White A Frame Shed


Built with care using only the best materials, our sheds are built to last the test of time and use. With many styles, colors, and options, your dream shed can now be a reality!

Dutch & Mini Barn

If you are looking for maximum storage space and head room, the Dutch Barn shed is perfect for you. The high walls and arched roof of the Dutch Barn as well as the overhead loft and shelves provide ample room to store all of your things. It features a broad gable roof and centered doors.

You can customize the Dutch Barn any way needed to suite your needs.


The A-Frame Shed is a classic style shed named for the “A” shaped roof; the angled roof line meets at the top in the shape of the letter A.

These sheds are an ideal, economical solution for storage space, while maintaining a high quality look that is the perfect finishing touch to any landscape.


A Quaker Shed makes a beautiful addition to any property. What makes the Quaker different from all the other shed styles is it’s offset roof. With a longer rear roof, shorter front roof, and a short front overhang, the Quaker is a favorite among many.

Customize with options, accessories and colors to make the Quaker Shed uniquely yours!


The Hip Style has a unique appearance, due to its 4-sided roof slope, that makes it stand out among most other shed styles. This is a great option to create that one-of-a-kind structure in your neighborhood. Most models feature an 8″ overhang on 4 sides of the roof; it has a generous 8/12 roof pitch for added appearance.


If you are looking for a shed that will compliment your landscape and add a touch of elegance to your yard, the Victorian Shed is the one for you.

Its distinct feature is the reversed gable dormer that’s centered over the front door along with an “A” shaped roof.

When paired with our customizable color options, the quality-crafted Victorian adds style to any lawn or garden!


With a built-in cupola and a number of options and color choices to pick from, you can order a Tower shed that really stands apart from the rest!

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